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Wil to Dance

Wil-son Williams the #1 Zumba instructor of 2012 strives to always give you the best dance fitness experience know matter what. Wil-son is a professional. He has over 20 years of dance training under his belt.This Philadelphia native began performing at the early age of 8 with The Next Generation Dance Company under Stephan Love and Leon Evens. Excelling in Tap, Jazz and African genres Wil has performed at The Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York and has made a guest appearance on the television talk show “People Talk”.

In addition, he has trained under world-renowned entertainers Maurice Hines, Jaye Allison and Delphine Mantz all before reaching high school. Wil continued his dance education with Ballet and Modern techniques at the High School of Creative and Performing Arts Philadelphia (CAPA High). Now in Los Angeles he continues adding to his vast dance training. Wil-son has performed all over Los Angeles in numerous LA-based dance projects with companies including Los Angeles Choreographers and Dancers, The Los Angeles Orchestra, Nike Advertisement, BET Television Network, Charo Entertainment, the L.A. County Fair, a Folders coffee commercial project, Zumba Activate, exhilarate dvd, the Zumba video game. Wil has made appearances on Telemundo network Assesso show, Univision network Prima Ahora, Estrella network En Vivo, ABC Eyes on LA, CBS Morning Show‏ and Live Community Event all over the Los Angeles area. You can read about him in LA Confidential Magazine, Daily Burn and LA\’s Hot List.

Plus he co-own\’s LaDanceFit a dance studio that has been voted #1 BEST ADULT DANCE Studio 3 years running! Many of Hollywood’s elite have been trained by Wil and attend his classes. Like Tara Lipinski, Jacky Loughery, Paula Abdul, Vivica A Fox, and Mina Hung, Nayer Jane Seymour, Emma Watson, Emmy Rylan, Mike Epps, Catherine O\’Hara, Famke Jansen, Shannon Lee, Nicole Pantenberg and Lori Loughlin just to name a few. He has trained the children of several celebrities, including Pamela Anderson, Shannon Lee and Jane Seymour. In the mist off all his accomplishments this Philly native has launched a fitness career rooted in holistic and natural health. He provides effective and accurate nutritional health consultations and is equipped with natural healing knowledge and wisdom.

He holds certifications from National Fitness authorities such as the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, the American Council on Exercise, Turbo KickBox, P90X and the huge dance fitness craze Zumba. His skills continue to register emotional support animal grow with training for, Pilates, Special Population Fitness Training, Ballroom dancing styles such as Salsa, Argentine Tango and Swing to name a few. While Wil\’s choreography is beginner-friendly, his passion for helping students of all ages and skill levels reach their goals while having fun keep people flocking to his classes! His style will appeal to Zumba fanatics, classically trained dancers and hip-hop dancers at all levels. He\’s cool, engaging, and his classes are jam PACKED with energy.


The Wil to Dance is an intense dance cardio workout designed by Wil-son Williams. Unlike any other dance fitness programs it succeeds where most have failed. The format is unique – it revs up your metabolism while you learn the latest moves in small repetitive combinations.

The Wil to Dance format is a dynamic fusion of various global dances appealing to students of all levels and backgrounds. By including basic elements of Latin, African, and Hip Hop dance styles anyone can learn many of the hottest dance moves from around the world!

The key to Wil To Dance is using tight combinations of repetitive steps with each new piece seamlessly blending into the previous section. Before you know it, you’ve built into a thorough body-toning and tightening routine that fulfills your natural need to move.

The Wil to Dance taps deep into the pure feeling of having fun by releasing your inner native movement.

Generate self esteem and instill power! Change the way you feel about exercise!.

Fun and hi-energy class featuring the latest Hip Hop sounds and street moves straight from your favorite Hip Hop video. The choreography is broken down into a series of repetitive steps creating a full routine.
Zumba with Wil is a unique combination of dances from cultures around the world including, Latin, Hip-Hop, African, Brazilian and more into a high-energy workout that feels like a dance party!

Students rave about what a blast Zumba classes are and what an amazing workout it is.

What’s more, they achieve long-term results from the body-energizing and caloric burning movements! The classes are a series of are aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast rhythms to tone and sculpt the body. Zumba is specifically designed to be an ideal workout for children and adults of all skill levels and ages, and it keeps you coming back for more!

The principle of this class is that workouts should be FUN AND EASY TO DO!